Cliven Bundy

So it’s taken me a few weeks to get these edited, but I spent a weekend at the Bundy ranch in Nevada. Unfortunately I got a kidney stone while I was there and through the blinding pain, hospital visit, and mind-numbing medication, I lost all of my notes, so I’ll have to go back down to get names for captions. Luckily I left on a high-note so they will hopefully welcome me back, and since there isn’t much to report news-wise from the ranch, I don’t feel a great deal of pressure to shop the photos around just yet. Anyway, here you are and I hope you enjoy. As always, mine not yours. Please don’t download, this is how I make my living.

Bundy008 Bundy009

Bundy001 Bundy005 Bundy004Bundy002 Bundy007 Bundy003 Bundy011 Bundy006 Bundy010


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